Friday, March 23, 2007

WAIT...There's more I need to share!

My foster mom is teaching me a lot of new things. It feels like I'm in college, there's so much to learn. She tells me that college is even harder, but that I'll be ready for college some day. I learned what sit means. Naturally, I've sat before, but no one ever gave it a name before. I learned really fast what "hungry" means. I'm hungry a lot, but not like I used to be. We are also working on how to walk on a leash without pulling. I don't mind it, but I forget, and I want to go faster than my foster mom goes. If she stops and reminds me, then I can remember again. I like it when she reminds me with treats!

A couple of weeks ago my foster mom put all of us big dogs in the car: me and my two foster sisters. I was still a little afraid of the car. She took us to a place called "dog park". And then she took the leash off. It was SO exciting. I played with other dogs and I ran and I ran. I got to wear my blaze orange jacket and show it off to the other dogs. We've gone back there again to run and play. I love that place!

Today, though, was the best. We went someplace called "daycare". Wow, was that fun. I played ALL DAY. When my foster mom came to get us it was suppertime. After we ate, we all fell asleep. I'm so tired, I have to stop writing.
Love, Jeremiah

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