Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jeremiah's Big Day!

Debby, Jeremiah's foster mom announces: Jeremiah has left with his new parents to go to his forever home. He is so happy to be with them. He LOVES them. Cari and Paul love him, too.

He WAS smiling - couldn't stop! He knew exactly what they were there for, and he was SO excited. He danced around the other dogs saying "See my new Mom and Dad? See? Now I'll have a real home, too!!"

His new Mom emailed me later in the day to say how well he was doing. He's going to be very very loved.

I can't believe I didn't cry (ok, later I cried a just a little). But I was so proud of him, all I could do was smile! What a success story he is!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Jeremiah Enjoys A Day In The Field!!

Jeremiah, had his day in the field,.. from what his foster mom reports he passed with flying colors,..
Yep,.. That's right,.. under these skin and Bones, There is a Bird dog!
When I first came into rescue, I don't think I could have held on to this Quail, without swallowing it whole,...I was SO HUNGRY, and cold.
Things are much different now,... all I need is a family to call my own,..

Friday, March 23, 2007

Super Sneaky Stealth Dog

Hey...What's that smell? Smells yummy! I hear a funny noise! Ohhhhh look! It's a bone!!! There's a slight's not mine! YET!

Shhhh! Maybe if I pretend that I want to cuddle, Caleigh will give up her bone! A little nudge with my nose...

AH HA! Success! That wasn't even a challenge. I guess I'll go look for some birds! Jeremiah, the Super Stealth Dog prevails!

WAIT...There's more I need to share!

My foster mom is teaching me a lot of new things. It feels like I'm in college, there's so much to learn. She tells me that college is even harder, but that I'll be ready for college some day. I learned what sit means. Naturally, I've sat before, but no one ever gave it a name before. I learned really fast what "hungry" means. I'm hungry a lot, but not like I used to be. We are also working on how to walk on a leash without pulling. I don't mind it, but I forget, and I want to go faster than my foster mom goes. If she stops and reminds me, then I can remember again. I like it when she reminds me with treats!

A couple of weeks ago my foster mom put all of us big dogs in the car: me and my two foster sisters. I was still a little afraid of the car. She took us to a place called "dog park". And then she took the leash off. It was SO exciting. I played with other dogs and I ran and I ran. I got to wear my blaze orange jacket and show it off to the other dogs. We've gone back there again to run and play. I love that place!

Today, though, was the best. We went someplace called "daycare". Wow, was that fun. I played ALL DAY. When my foster mom came to get us it was suppertime. After we ate, we all fell asleep. I'm so tired, I have to stop writing.
Love, Jeremiah

Jeremiah's Side of the Story...

I've been here for more than month. I have learned so much, I can hardly tell you about it! When I came to the shelter, I was so cold and I was so hungry. There were so many new things. I was afraid at first, but when people were nice to me, I was less afraid. The car rides were terrifying, but at least it was warm. I hated having to change cars. Finally, my foster mom came to get me. She was ready for me with a jacket to keep me warm. How did she know I was so cold? She told me that it was below zero. I don't know what that means, but I know I was cold. I loved the jacket. I never wanted to take it off.

I don't remember every being in a house before. I was afraid of the steps and I didn't understand the door. Now I know what a house it, and I know that the ceiling won't hurt me. I love living in a house. I learned really fast how to do the stairs. I can't believe I was scared of them when I came. Stairs are a piece of cake, now! I have my own crate here with blankets in it. I love to eat my food in my crate. When it's time to eat, I run to my crate!

My foster mom gives me wonderful food, and lots of it! I can't believe I get to eat a big meal twice a day and get some snacks between meals, too! This place is really cool! On top of that, after trying a couple of jackets on me, my foster mom gave me my own jacket. I love it. My foster mom says it's blaze orange. All I know is that it keeps me warm! My foster mom gave me a bath. I was so scared I just held still. She said I was the best dog she had ever bathed! Then she wrapped me in a warm towel to keep me dry. I was clean, warm, and my tummy was full. I was in heaven! My foster mom says this kind of heaven will get even better when I get my own forever home!

Notes From Jeremiah's Foster Mom

When Jeremiah came here, he was a doggy skeleton with doggy skin stretched over it. I'm sure he had never lived in a house. He was afraid of everything. He was starving and freezing. It was below zero for weeks, and he had no body fat to keep him warm at all. Two nails on toes on his right hind foot were torn off, and the toes bled. This little boy needed a lot of TLC. He learned really quickly about where to pee, and has had no accidents in a long time.
-Jeremiah's Foster Mom

Jeremiah has been here for almost two months now! He has put on weight, and is looking sleek and healthy, although still a little on the thin side. He is so smart! IBR sent me a new collar for him, and I made a fuss over it when I put it on him, telling him how handsome he looked in his new blue collar. A day or two later, I noticed that he was without his collar, and I asked him what he did with it? I said "Jeremiah, where is your new blue collar?" He listened to me intently, and then walked into the living room and nosed around on the couch. I didn't think anything about it until he returned with the collar in his mouth! He knew exactly what I had asked. I had only used the word collar for a short time, two days before. What a smartie! He will make someone a wonderful loving dog.
-Jeremiah's Foster Mom

Jeremiah did great at daycare today. He and his foster sisters are so tired! He was sleeping on the couch, but his head was hanging over the edge of the couch. He kept waking up just in time pull his head back up onto the couch. He finally fell asleep so deeply that he didn't notice his head. All of a sudden, I heard a thump. The weight of his head had pulled Jeremiah off of the couch and he tumbled onto the floor. He looked up a little bewildered, but he had landed on a dog cushion, so he decided to stay right there: easier than trying to keep from falling off the couch again. We'll do daycare again tomorrow!
-Jeremiah's Foster Mom

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jeremiah!!??? Time For Your Bath!!

Not Funny!!,...a BATH? Why Me??

Okay,.. That wasn't so Bad!!

Jeremiah Arrives in His New Foster Home!


As The Miles Passed, ....

I was telling Jeremiah that his troubles were now behind him,.. only good things were to come,. lots of food, toys to play with, warm places to sleep, other doggie friends to just hang out with,..and most of all a home to call his own. He must have been listening, he finally laid down ,and drifted off to sleep in the sunshine, on this cold February morning,
Sweet dreams Jeremiah,.. Good Boy!

But There Is Still A Spark In These Amber Colored Eyes

There Is still a Spark In Those Amber colored Eyes
In hopes of a bright future ,....
Wish granted, Illinois Bird Dog Rescue

Evidence of A Hard Life

Jeremiah was surviving on what little body fat he had left!

Time Is UP,...Jeremiah Needs OUT,ASAP!

Jeremiah was very shy, and unsure, of things when he got into my car,He wasn't ready to talk to me yet, as we headed North