Friday, March 23, 2007

Jeremiah's Side of the Story...

I've been here for more than month. I have learned so much, I can hardly tell you about it! When I came to the shelter, I was so cold and I was so hungry. There were so many new things. I was afraid at first, but when people were nice to me, I was less afraid. The car rides were terrifying, but at least it was warm. I hated having to change cars. Finally, my foster mom came to get me. She was ready for me with a jacket to keep me warm. How did she know I was so cold? She told me that it was below zero. I don't know what that means, but I know I was cold. I loved the jacket. I never wanted to take it off.

I don't remember every being in a house before. I was afraid of the steps and I didn't understand the door. Now I know what a house it, and I know that the ceiling won't hurt me. I love living in a house. I learned really fast how to do the stairs. I can't believe I was scared of them when I came. Stairs are a piece of cake, now! I have my own crate here with blankets in it. I love to eat my food in my crate. When it's time to eat, I run to my crate!

My foster mom gives me wonderful food, and lots of it! I can't believe I get to eat a big meal twice a day and get some snacks between meals, too! This place is really cool! On top of that, after trying a couple of jackets on me, my foster mom gave me my own jacket. I love it. My foster mom says it's blaze orange. All I know is that it keeps me warm! My foster mom gave me a bath. I was so scared I just held still. She said I was the best dog she had ever bathed! Then she wrapped me in a warm towel to keep me dry. I was clean, warm, and my tummy was full. I was in heaven! My foster mom says this kind of heaven will get even better when I get my own forever home!

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